A Brave New World

Downward dog with bum held high and fingers splayed on either side,
Stretching chest towards the floor, high on tiptoes, squeeze in core.
Back is easing, shoulders sinking, head clears thought and frenzied thinking.
Ears brush elbows, calves quite tight; my arms they ache, but soul is light.
The voice from Zoom floats round the room
And pulls me back to earth – too soon!
A friendly face from outer space
(or inner space? that place inside
Where social distancers can hide while letting anxious fretting slide).
“Can everybody hear OK? Next week we’ll try a different way
If this is buggy, lags or sighs while you are stretching out your thighs.
Let’s focus on your tum a mo’, with conscious breathing, to and fro
And let
the white noise
And in.
And out.”
I’m floating in my inner mind. No cares, while tensing my behind
and pelvic floor.
I soar.
Now walk my fingers back with ease and rest my chin against my knees.
Then bone by bone I rise to stand, and reaching up, I clasp my hands
And stretch my neck now left, now right, now tuck my chins both out of sight.
And leaning back peruse the ceiling, mouth wide open……
Funny feeling.
I shan’t pretend I like the end of class.
It brings a wave of relaxation to these days of isolation.
        I s’pose I ought to try to go and jog.
                       I’ll de-stress a whole lot faster trying to sedulously master
                               A good long, sweaty
                                        Perfect downward dog.

(c)Fiona Mauchline 2020  


Hema said...

This was so relaxing to read, truly and it gave me a good chuckle. So well done.

Unknown said...

A poem for our times which looks at what might become a new reality, even when the pandemic is over.

The things I really appreciated about this poem:

- you really rose to the contest challenge of using internal rhymes. These gave the poem a great beat.
- the poem is visual and relatable with nice touches of humour (I have more than one chin!

Tiny nit:
- the rhythm of the poem was quite pacy - made me think of low impact aerobics rather than languid yoga, but I am a fast reader so maybe I set the pace too fast in my mind.

Overall, a really enjoyable poem - thank you.

Jennifer Towery said...

I love the device of yoga by Zoom to show us your new normal, and how you're reaching to achieve something for yourself even as the world is going through craziness. Quirky and amusing and very real. Nice work!

Margaret said...

Your descriptions of the physical moves had a feeling of meditation, totally absorbed in the task.

Jen said...

So enjoyable and funny! Might be a good candidate for the Wergle Flomp humorous poetry contest (poems due April 1)!