Of dogs, jam and railways tracks

The start of a story. Worth continuing?
Of sticks and squirrels, from eltpics by Martin Eayrs

The dog at her feet hummed and heeee-ed in that way dogs do when dreaming of sticks and squirrels. The strawberry jam left on her plate was attracting dusk-time midges; oh how she wished they were fireflies, like in the bedtime stories she loved. She looked towards the fence at the foot of the garden and at the nettle-decked path beyond. Nettles in summer didn’t bother her, scuffed knees and nettle-stung elbows were all part of being an adventurer, a pirate, a swagman. Not that she knew what a swagman was, or a billabong for that matter, but it sounded like something exciting. She stood up and stretched, licking a fleck of jam from the corner of her mouth then followed her tongue with her hand. Close inspection convinced her there were no snacks left to be had. She stepped onto the warm grass and headed for the gap in the fence.
Through the gap and across the path, she could push through the nettles and brambles to the tracks. Underfoot, the rails would be warm in the evening sun, a tightrope to the other side! Balancing artfully, she thrust her arms out either side. Sway left, sway right, eyes on the rail, I am The Magnificent Molly. The rails began to tingle, a hum like the sounds when she swam under water. She kicked off her sandals and closed her eyes “I shall cross the canyon using nothing but skill and courage!” The hum was louder now.
Fidelius roused from his squirrel chase and sat up with a bark. Molly’s head skimmed the tops of the nettles. He barked again. The hum was noticeably louder. Molly continued across the canyon. A few more steps and I’m there.
Thru' the nettles, from eltpics by Carol Goodey
The train flew past, a blur of blue and windows. Fidelius ran barking wildly at the bending nettles and bouncing brambles, charging full pelt towards the rails and into a flattened patch of wheatgrass and weeds, where Molly lay laughing, her feet just inches from the sparking wheels. Fidelius sank down onto his human and licked the taste of jam.